Quality of Service

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We pride ourselves on the quality of service we provide to our clients. We don’t just do designs or drawings we provide better, more creative solutions our work is driven by strategic thinking

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Council Approvals: SAL has years of experience and has developed a strong understanding with many councils’ planning departments. Our approach is to present a strong case for your project and then work with council rather than fighting against them this usually leads to reduced timelines and reduced cost.

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Better Buildings: Fitting your building appropriately within its surrounding context is the best way to contribute to the built environment and gain fast approval. Be respectful with your neighbours and use the setting of your new house to create a balanced relationship.

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Flexibility and Speed: Our delivery method enables unprecedented flexibility and speed in residential design, maximum design flexibility allowing you to test more options, we work with you to create the right building to ensure that functionality and construction cost are predictable to the highest degree possible.

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Sustainability and Lower Cost: Our efficient approach to design eliminates waste across the entire lifecycle of the project prioritising low maintenance and longevity, a building that is easy to maintain is the perfect crossover of environmental and economic sustainability.